End Space PSVR EU Release Update

It’s been almost a month since End Space released in the US and now we finally have some good news that our EU release is looking to be real close! November 7th in fact. (Pending approval from Sony for our latest submission)

It’s been a lot of hard work and a struggle for us getting the game ready for the EU release but hopefully it has been worth the wait for our EU pilots. The EU region for Sony also covers Australia and New Zealand for the pilots south of the equator.

The EU release is also bringing a host of bug fixes and improvements to the game. Most notably our HOTAS support. There was a bug identified after release with the Thrustmaster HOTAS 4 controller that was missing some key controllers. We have been working with Unity, Sony, and Thrustmaster on identifying the issue and believe we have it fixed for everyone. We will release full patch notes when the patch goes live. This patch should also go live the same day for pilots in North America.

We are really looking forward to getting End Space out to everyone to enjoy. It’s been an incredible journey for us and look forward to bringing you more!

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  1. Curious but does that old PAL and NTSC division between countries live on in console gaming? Would be hilarious if it is still a thing. This just sounds similar.


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