Looking for support for End Space or Minos Spacefigher? Here’s where to find it.

Known Issues  for End Space on Gear VR (As of May 27, 2017)

  • If you connect both a Bluetooth gamepad and the new Gear VR controller at the same time you will spin out of control. You must disconnect the Gear VR controller until I find a solution for having both connected. It is not recommended to have both connected as this reduces the bandwidth available to the controllers over Bluetooth.
  • Supported Controllers: End Space uses the plugin Rewired to handle gamepad input instead of the Unity base input system. This provides me the freedom to not be locked to one specific setup and will handle input across Android, PC, and PS 4.
    • For PS4 controllers, you can enable Look to Fly in the options menu and use some buttons for shooting. But the PS4 controller cannot officially be supported by Android phones. If you have a PS4 controller, you are better off playing using the Look to Fly setting. 

Known Issues for Minos Spacefighter (As of February  02, 2017)

  • Samsung S7 Support: I have had to disable the S7 support for the time being because of this issue:
    Waiting on Google to update their software so I can update Minos Spacefighter it work again. Sadly this is the second time Google Cardboard has this issue.


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