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Known Issues (As of October  21, 2016)

  • Mission ‘Lost Cargo’: After scanning the last cargo container, the mission objective is placed in the wrong location. Not on the actual cargo container making it very hard to find the last cargo container if you don’t happen to collect it right away.
  • Gamepad Support: End Space uses the plugin Rewired to handle gamepad input instead of the Unity base input system. This provides me the freedom to not be locked to one specific setup and will handle input across Android, PC, and PS 4.
    • For PS4 controllers, you can enable Look to Fly in the options menu and use some buttons for shooting. But the PS4 controller cannot officially be supported by Android phones. If you have a PS4 controller, you are better off playing using Touchpad Flightmode.  The ‘Gear VR 2’ with the new USB port might allow a USB connected PS4 controller to be used, but I cannot confirm this yet.


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