End Space released for PSVR in the EU

End Space is launching in the Sony SCEE region (Europe, Australia, New Zealand) November 7th! With the launch comes a whole bunch of updates to the game that we also be available in the US with a patch released today as well.

After getting a lot of tremendous feedback from the US launch we have been working hard at improving the game and hopefully have delivered. Of importance for users of the Thrustmaster T.Flight HOTAS 4 is additional support but it still isn’t perfect yet. We have been working with Unity, Rewired, on this issue.

The whole list of patch notes and important information for HOTAS users is listed below.

HOTAS Support

We’ve been working directly with Unity and the creator of Rewired to determine why the Thrustmaster T.Flight HOTAS 4 was not working correctly. It turns out that due to how this HOTAS was implemented the game engine currently cannot tell it apart from a DUALSHOCK 4 controller and therefore the extra axes afforded by the HOTAS are not utilized. That means in order to get this HOTAS working correctly we’ve had to bypass the game engine and middleware entirely and write a native driver for it. Then we needed to translate this native output back into something that Rewired and our game code can understand. The implementation is working but you must first enable the HOTAS check box in the Settings menu. Also don’t forget to hit the PS System button on the HOTAS to login with it.

  • Update Nov 12, 2017 – We have word from Unity that in Unity 2018.1 it will fully support our input system and PS4 controller types. Once it is released we will have a patch for the game to fix all the HOTAS related issues!

We added the check box because, unfortunately (due to the nature of the solution), there are a few issues:

First, this means that we cannot use the Rewired middleware’s control mapper to allow users to change the button mappings for the HOTAS, so you’re stuck with the stick mappings and axis orientations as-is. Accessing the control mapper with the HOTAS plugged in causes a crash on scene load, so we’ve disabled the control mapper button when the HOTAS support button is checked.

Second, if you’ve got the DS4 and HOTAS4 connected and registered to the same user at the same time, it’s not clear which controller will be used for UI input in the main menu. You’ll have to try each to see which one is currently active (it can be both).

Third, when the HOTAS is enabled and connected the DS4 will be cleared from the active controllers. That means the HOTAS4 will become your only input device after a scene load.

Fourth, if you’re using the HOTAS4 and you disconnect it while playing the game, the middleware currently can’t tell it was the HOTAS that was disconnected and automatically re-register your DS4, so you won’t have any game input. You will still have system input however, so you can long press the PS System button to close the application. You will have to reconnect and login with the HOTAS4 or restart the game to get DS4 input back in that case. 

Some of these issues may be fixed in future updates if we get some more support from Unity and Rewired (who have both been super helpful and supportive in getting us this far. Thanks guys!), so we’ll keep you posted about changes. In the meantime, none of those problems are show-stoppers so hop in there and enjoy your fully armed and operational Thrustmaster T.Flight HOTAS 4!

Here is the full list of updates and fixes for End Space PSVR v1.03:


  • Thrustmaster T.Flight HOTAS 4 support fix (see above)
  • Increased controller vibration when hit
  • Higher resolution pilot model
  • Cockpit texture detail increased
  • If a TLF ship is destroyed by the AI, the player shouldn’t lose their target lock
  • Sometimes during a screen fade out, the screen would show again briefly before a level switch
  • Reduced the reflections on the windshield
  • Tweaked warp in effects
  • Fixed jittering issue on some physics objects
  • Fixed missing star particles
  • Intro audio played when selecting the first level, not at the start as intended
  • Performance enhancements


  • Player speed increased by 30%
  • Boost consumption reduced and recharge time shortened
  • Reduced R-37 Plasma Gun energy usage by 4
  • Reduced ASM-135 Solo energy usage by 1
  • Reduced AK-5 Pulse Laser energy usage by 1
  • Increased energy recharge rate x 2
  • Increased missile recharge rate x 1.1
  • Added controller vibration when firing cannons or launching a missile


  • Fixed music disappearing from the last 4 levels
  • Levels 1-8 missing mission objective alerts
  • Changed warp out location on Border Patrol to be easier to locate
  • Changed warp out location on Comms Breakdown to be inline with the star gate when flying through
  • Fixed an asteroid LOD pop in Learning to Fly


  • New Sound settings menu to adjust Master, Voice, and Music volumes
  • Got rid of the warning sound from the collision and missile alerts
  • Changed the UI buttons color when selected and not selected
  • Added improved UI feedback in low on energy, missiles, boost or throttle
  • Speedometer shows ship’s actual speed now
  • Objective HUD indicators are closer to center of the screen to be easier to see

6 thoughts on “End Space released for PSVR in the EU”

  1. I hope that you do get the support to eventually give full functionality for the Thrustmaster HOTAS. I fly Eve Valkyrie with pitch/yaw on stick and roll assigned to the throttle’s rocker buttons. End Space’s controls feel weird, as in roll and yaw appear to be both, currently, on the stick’s X axis and are each activated by X axis distance travel. It makes it really difficult to play with fixed forward firing guns.

    • We will take a look at it. We just got word from Unity today that the full integration is coming in Unity 2018 whenever that ships. So at some point it will happen but we are the mercy of Unity on this one.
      I am guessing since Eve Valkyrie is Unreal engine they don’t have the same problems. Funny they started building Valkyrie with Unity and then switched to Unreal.

  2. I bought a T.flight Hotas 4 for Ultrawings, but it won’t be supported for a few weeks when the next patch arrives. So I’ve been trying a few compatible games, and bought Endspace a few days ago. This is my favourite Hotas game, I’m really enjoying it, but more importantly I think the Hotas implementation is awesome, the best I’ve tried so far, and is super immersive. It works really, really well.

    Just wanted to say thanks

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