End Space coming to Oculus Rift and HTC Vive

Today we have some great news for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive owners: End Space will be launching on Oculus Home January 25th and on Steam in February! We’ve been hard at work enhancing End Space to make use of these platform’s higher resolution and more powerful GPU’s. In addition to the wide variety of controllers and HOTAS’ already supported by End Space, we’ve also added Touch and Vive motion controller support.

Launch Trailer

Graphic Boost

In terms of graphical fidelity, the Rift and Vive edition of the game features higher resolution models & textures, increased shadow quality and post processing effects such as Ambient Occlusion, Bloom, & ACES color grading.
All elements of the graphics have been improved, even the environments have more realistic animated planets. Audio has been improved with fully 3d spatialized sound for hearing exactly where something just disintegrated into space dust.



The PlayStation VR added new levels, a new story arc, and better voice acting to End Space. The Rift and HTC version has all of that and more with improved spatialized audio and a new 360 degree introduction cinematic video to set the stage for your tour in the Tartarus sector.

New Motion Control Schemes

In addition to the wide variety of controllers and HOTAS already supported by End Space we’ve also added support for Touch and the Vive’s motion controllers. We’ve experimented with several control scheme variations and settled on two options. The first option, ‘Arcade mode’, is for casual players. To fly your ship you simply look in the direction in which you want the ship to fly and the nose of the ship will follow your gaze. To aim you simply point at your target using the motion controllers and fire away. Think of it like Eagle Flight, but with frickin’ laser beams attached to your hands! This is the default control scheme when you first launch the game with motion controllers connected.

The second motion controller configuration is for players who want more of a simulation feel. Under this control scheme your motion controller is your ship’s virtual joystick. Yaw, pitch, and roll all with the flick of your wrist just as if you were holding a real joystick. Aiming in this mode is done using your gaze just like in an Apache attack helicopter. Your targeting reticle follows your gaze and so do your ship’s cannons. To use this mode, disable ‘Use Gaze for Flight’ in the Settings menu.

Don’t want to use you gaze to to aim? Then disable ‘Use Gaze to Target’ in the Settings menu. This locks the ship’s turret forward.

On top of motion controller support we support a wide variety of gamepads and HOTAS joysticks. Using Rewired as our input manager players will be able to remap and bind their supported controllers however they want to fly. Want to switch between motion controllers and joysticks while you fly? That’s supported too.

Oculus Dash Support

Users of the new Oculus Home and Oculus Dash will be pleased to see the End Space fully supports Oculus Dash. Want to watch a video while shooting missiles at the Tartarus Liberation Front? You can do that.

Release Dates and Price

End Space for Rift and Vive will be available for $19.99 with a launch discount of $14.99. The game launches on Oculus Home on January 25th and on Steam for Vive in early February.

Download End Space here:

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