Use a Xbox One Wireless Controller with Gear VR

Microsoft just released a firmware update to allow owners of the latest Xbox One S controller to work with the Samsung Gear VR. This is a ‘How to’ on getting the firmware updated and connecting the Xbox One S controller to the Gear VR. First we will look at how to get the update and then how to connect the controller to your Gear VR over Bluetooth.

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Install Windows on a M.2 SM951 with Asus Z170 Pro Gaming

I just finished building my new VR Development rig and after getting all the parts together the magic moment arrived. I hit the power button and entered into BIOS and to my dismay my new M.2 drive, the Samsung SM951 was not detected by the Asus Z170 Pro Gaming motherboard. After reading forum posts of people complaining about the same issue I didn’t find a solution that worked. Luckily I found one post that guided me in the right direction and after some more tweaking I found the right settings in BIOS to get my M.2 drive detected by Windows and proceed with the install on the fresh SSD.

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Best Controller for Gear VR

Since the release of End Space on the Gear VR I keep getting emails about ‘What’s the best controller for Gear VR?’ So I made a list, here are the best controllers to use with the Samsung Gear VR. At the bottom of the article I go into more detail as to why some controllers don’t work.

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Google Cardboard for Gear VR


(Updated May 01, 2016) Got a Gear VR and want to try out Google Cardboard apps with it? There are 3 ways to do it, insert the phone without plugging in the USB port or download one of two apps available CB Enabler for Gear VR or Package Disabler Pro. CB Enabler for Gear VR is the preferred method. It will allow you to use the Gear VR touch pad as a click and the Gear VR will hold your phone securely. Read on to find out how to do each.

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Spot a fake Samsung S6 – How to

How to spot a fake Samsung S6, here’s my story and how I learned what to look for without even having to turn the phone on. I have been wanting to start developing End Space VR for the Samsung Gear VR for a while now. Just before Christmas I was browsing E-Bay looking to find … Read more »