End Space 1.0.1 – Oculus Rift

We just deployed a small update to the game to fix various issues people have pointed out over the weekend after the release. Main issues fixed are with improved controller support for joysticks and throttle control as well as a few extra options to custom tune exactly how you want to fly your Minos space fighter.


  • Reconfigured the Minos thrust vectors to give some more power while turning
  • Improved the power response of the engines
  • Pressing the Pause button twice will unpause the game
  • Changed Touch haptics to be less intense
  • When trying to roll or use the throttle with a thumbstick, they won’t affect each other
  • Added option to invert Pitch controls when using Touch
  • Added option to disable Virtual Joystick mode, and just use the thumbsticks for flight
  • Made the mission objective panel easier to read in bright light conditions
  • Added some tooltips to the Control settings


  • Fixed certain joysticks not responding to throttle inputs
  • Fixed when using ‘Gaze for Flight’ the throttle didn’t work on Touch
  • Fixed some joysticks pausing the game when trying to fire a missile
  • Fixed player models joystick hand not moving
  • Fixed gamepad vibration not working

If you notice anymore bugs or have any suggestions be sure to leave a comment or head to the Support page and send us an email.

2 thoughts on “End Space 1.0.1 – Oculus Rift”

  1. This game looks very promising but I can not use my Saitek X52 Pro
    Gamepad is no option for me as I use VR also for ED and Xplane and Prepar3dv4
    and I like to use a HOTAS.
    It returns to the gamepad even after assigning buttons and axis’s to the HOTAS.
    If this is fixed I will start using it, so please inform me when this happens.

    • Hi Arie,

      I think I found the problem that is related to this. There will be an update this weekend that should provide a fix for that. There is a missing button in the control configuration screen that lets you select which controller you are configuring.


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