End Space – Oculus Rift – 1.0.2

The feedback on End Space has been excellent. It’s been awesome to see so many people picking it up and enjoying it since it’s release on the Oculus Rift. Best part of my day is getting emails from people telling me they are having fun with the game and really enjoy it. Some of those emails have also come with some really constructive feedback and bug reports. Since the release of 1.0.1 the work continues to make playing End Space more enjoyable. We just released patch 1.0.2 on the Oculus Store and down below is a list of all the fixes.

Users of joysticks had an issue when having multiple joysticks connected you couldn’t configure the controls correctly. When your joystick reports as having multiple sticks such as the case with the Saitek x52 of Thrustmaster T.1600M or having different sticks connected only the first one detected would be configured. There was a important piece of UI missing that allowed you to select which joystick you wanted to configure. That is now enabled in 1.0.2. You will find in on the right hand side of the controller configuration screen.

The cockpit has also had an update to use correct Physically Based Rendering and we changed some of the textures to be sharper and deliver a better in ship experience.


  • Looking at the Lead Indicator will trigger a target lock on the ship you are attacking
  • Added option to adjust super sampling
  • Update to Oculus Utilities 1.22 for an increase in performance
  • Updated cockpit textures
  • Holding the Pause button on a gamepad joystick will recenter your position
  • Added lighting effects to weapon flairs


  • Fixed screen staying black after running the game for the first time
  • When using a joystick the Hat wouldn’t move to the right to select UI elements
  • When having multiple joysticks plugged in you could not select which joystick you want to configure. This caused problems when the Throttle would be the first detected joystick and you couldn’t reassign the joystick axes.
  • Ambient Occlusion graphic setting wasn’t saving between scenes
  • Removing the headset while the game was paused would unpause the game leaving the Touch controllers on screen
  • When having the Oculus Remote and Touch controllers connected, sometimes the Oculus Remote would appear in the main menu
  • Fixed bug when trying to acquire a target lock on a ship you previously had locked but you couldn’t retarget it
  • Lead Indicator now disappears when your target is dead
  • Tweaked lighting in some scenes
  • Fixed Windows Firewall message from appearing
  • Solo and Plasma weapons were playing the wrong hit conformation sound effect
  • Reduced time required to reset HMD when using Touch
  • Fixed laser pointer showing at start if only one Touch controller is turned on
  • Various little fixes

If you find any other bugs please leave a comment or head to the Support page and contact us. We will fix them as soon as possible!

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