End Space launching on Steam March 29

End Space is coming to Steam on March 29 2018! The Steam edition of End Space features HTC Vive and Windows Mixed Reality support through OpenVR and supports Oculus Rift via the Oculus SDK. Click to go to the End Space Steam Store page.

Steam Release

The Steam release of End Space has support for OpenVR and Oculus SDK which gives players the option to play with pretty much all of the major headsets out there, for example the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and any of the Windows Mixed Reality devices. Just like the Oculus Home release, players can choose their favorite way to fly: Motion controllers, gamepad, or HOTAS. There are two options for motion controller flight: Virtual joystick with gaze for targeting: “Ultrawings-like”, or laser pointer targeting and look to fly “Eagle Flight-like”. Basically, you can either target with your gaze and fly with your motion controller or you can target with your motion controller and fly with your gaze. Read more about these options in a previous blog post under “New Motion Control Schemes”. We’ve also implemented additional yaw and pitch controls onto the thumbpad axis of your primary hand controller, giving you yet another way to fly. There are many other options available in the Settings menu allowing you to customize to your taste, such as switching your primary hand from right hand to left hand and inverting the input axis.  

Oculus Rift support is via the Oculus SDK. Users will find the Rift experience on Steam is exactly the same as that on Oculus Home and requires Oculus Home to be installed. 

We’ve also added Steamworks SDK support for Steam Achievements. There will be 12 achievements available to unlock at launch with more achievements and Steamworks features planned for future updates.

Vive Support

HTC Vive support is now available with the release of the game on Steam. Support is provided by OpenVR via the SteamVR SDK. As with all SteamVR games, you must be running the SteamVR app in order to play End Space with the HTC Vive. By default the right hand is taken as the primary hand but this can be changed in the Settings menu.

Since End Space is a seated experience (as opposed to a room-scale experience) you may find yourself needing to recenter your HMD orientation. Press and hold the Application Button on the secondary hand controller (left hand by default) until the recentering fires.

End Space now has Vive Support


Windows Mixed Reality Support

Luckily Microsoft got in touch with us shortly after releasing End Space on the Rift. They were kind enough to send a Windows Mixed Reality developer kit so we could integrate support in to End Space. Even luckier for us that the process wasn’t too complicated since we were already working with SteamVR and we could incorporate support for Windows Mixed Reality in time for the Steam release.

All of the currently released Windows Mixed Reality headsets should be supported. To use End Space with SteamVR and Windows Mixed Reality download Windows Mixed Reality for Steam. Once Windows Mixed Reality for Steam is installed SteamVR should automatically start when launching End Space from Steam.

End Space 1.0.4 Update

We have also updated End Space to 1.0.4 on Oculus Home with the Steam release as well. Below are the patch notes detailing what has changed.


  • Added support for Achievements in Oculus Home
  • All large debris breaks apart more realistically
  • Update to Oculus SDK 1.24
  • Update to Oculus Utilities 1.24
  • Update to Oculus Audio SDK 1.24

Bug fixes

  • Couldn’t use a gamepad to skip intro video
  • Audio now fades in and out when switching scenes
  • Fixed missing loading text when selecting a mission
  • Fixed missing reticle when only a gamepad or joystick is connected and no Touch controllers
  • Fixed shadow cascades, shadows should be sharper now
  • Fixed Station Rescue mission not being able to be completed in a certain order

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