End Space releases today on PlayStation VR

Launch day is here! We are very excited to announce that End Space is launching on PlayStation VR today, Sept 19 2017, in the US and Canada! The two of us have been working incredibly hard for the last year and a half to get this game into your hands and we really can’t wait for you to try it out. It’s a very special day here for our small indie studio!

End Space is priced at $19.99 US, with a 10% Launch discount for PS Plus members. Head on over to the PlayStation Store and pick up a copy.

Launch plans for other regions

While today’s PlayStation VR launch is limited to the US and Canada, we’re working hard on getting End Space onto the PlayStation Store in other regions.

EU: We’re in the final stages of getting End Space onto the SCEE region storefront so it should not be too long now before the game goes live in the EU. We’re working with Sony to determine what the official release date will be and will make the announcement as soon as we have it, but we are expecting in 3 weeks time.

Australia and New Zealand: Australia and New Zealand are under the SCEE umbrella so End Space should launch at the same time as the EU.

Latin America: PlayStation VR is not available in this region yet and since End Space is PlayStation VR only (at the moment at least) we are not currently able to offer it on the storefronts in these countries. As soon as PlayStation VR is available in Latin America we will get End Space on the store.

Japan, China and the rest of Asia: We’d certainly like to bring the game to the Asian storefronts but understandably there are some complications regarding localization and regulations. We’re looking at options on how best to manage this so we have nothing more to announce at the moment other than “We’re looking into it!”

PS4 HOTAS Support

It’s awesome to hear that many of you love to fly with a HOTAS as much as we do and we are happy to confirm that End Space has HOTAS support on PS4 through Rewired. There is one wrinkle with the Rewired PS4 HOTAS support that will ship with End Space in v1.00 however; Due to a bug with how the device name is returned you will need to bind some of your controls in the Settings menu manually. That means your HOTAS won’t be fully operational with the default map, but the fix is very simple: You will just need go to the Settings menu and remap your HOTAS buttons as you like them.

A v1.01 patch with the latest version of Rewired integrated is already in QA and should be live shortly. This version does not have the bug and so the default button map should work automatically from v1.01 onward.

Update 9/22/2017: v1.01 with the Rewired fix is live.


Currently all of the in-game text and voice over are only available in English. We may add more languages in the future as player demand and time constraints allow, but there are only two of us devs so please be patient!

That’s all for now! We hope you enjoy the PlayStation VR edition of End Space!


Lee and Justin

9 thoughts on “End Space releases today on PlayStation VR”

  1. I hadn’t heard of End Space VR until about a month ago – but it looks like everything I want from a VR space combat game and is top of my hotly anticipated list!!

    Didn’t realise the September 19 release date only applied to US/CA, guess EU will have to be patient a little while longer…

    Either way – guaranteed sale!

  2. I’ve played the game quite a bit on GearVR, but I have to ask, when will the new content be released? It seems kind of weird to port the game over to a new platform before finishing all of the content on the original…

    • We are working on it, but we are only two people and everything takes a lot of time. It might seem weird to release on another platform first but there’s a lot of factors at play and the stuff we built for PSVR just isn’t possible on Gear VR yet.

  3. Hey guys, you know that expansion that was going to happen this past summer? Is that still going to happen at some point? I understand you’ve been making lots of improvements and releasing on new platforms, but… right now it’s still a very small, very easy game. I beat it in less than 2 hours.


    • Hi Simon,

      The Thrustmaster HOTAS 4 does work on PS4. You just have to go to the settings menu and enable it. We just got word that in a future update of Unity we will get complete integration and will have full support with customization of the controls

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