End Space coming to Quest, Flatscreen, & Daydream Aug 29

I am extremely excited to announce the upcoming release of End Space on Oculus Quest, Flatscreen, and Google Daydream August 29th, 2019.

Along with the release of End Space on 2 new platforms we are also updating End Space to version 1.0.5 across all of our supported platforms: Oculus Home (Gear VR, Go & Rift), Steam (Rift, Vive, Windows Mixed Reality, and now Flatscreen) and PlayStation VR. End Space 1.0.5 brings numerous updates, game balance changes, and over 250 bug fixes.

The release of End Space 1.0.5 is on August 29, 2019 10:00 am PST.

Additional 1.0.5 Update Information

Oculus Quest

The release on Oculus Quest is really exciting for us. The Quest version offers the best visuals over previous mobile releases and we are excited to offer cross buy with the Oculus Rift. We have had great support from the Rift community and are happy to see people who have enjoyed the Rift version come back and play on Quest. Release price $14.99.

Google Daydream

I am hoping End Space on Daydream revives some attention to the platform that has seen some neglect recently. We had a lot of problems with Daydream development but Google has been very helpful in providing hardware and updating its SDK in the development of End Space on Daydream. We are hoping Daydreamers finally let their dreams fly in End Space. Release price $14.99.


The Steam update offers Flatscreen support for our pilots without a VR headset to experience End Space. It’s been the number 1 requested feature from the Steam community. The development of Flatscreen support has also added keyboard and mouse support to our supported control schemes. For pilots with TrackIR for head tracking we included support for it as well. Price reduction to $14.99.

Oculus Rift

Now unlock your own Minos Spacefighter model to place inside your Oculus Home after completing the first level. Price reduction to $14.99.

PlayStation VR

PSVR is first receiving the 1.0.5 update and at a later date will also receive the flatscreen update. Starting August 20th End Space will be 75% off globally as part of Sony August Savings sale. 

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  1. Can’t wait for the Daydream release! Really sad to see how little love that platform has gotten, but this is great! You should really push Daydream; personally, I think it makes the most sense as a VR platform for the average person for obvious reasons, but I hope that we see Daydream support for S10 and Note 10 soon!


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