End Space 1.0.5 Beta now Live

The newest update for End Space is now available on Steam for testing. There’s a bunch of changes and one big new feature we would like some help testing.

1.0.5 adds support for playing End Space on a monitor without a VR headset as well as supporting keyboard and mouse play. This has been the number one requested feature on Steam and a huge step into opening up End Space to a bunch of new players who love space games.

The other biggest change is support for other languages besides English. End Space has been localized for: German, French, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese (With full voice over support). We would like to get some feedback on the translations as well.

To join the Beta, Right click on End Space in your Steam library, select Properties. Head over to the Beta tab and select the Beta branch.

Beta Patch Notes


  • Support for playing on a monitor without a VR headset
  • Localization support for German, French, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese (With full voice over support)
  • Added Mouse and Keyboard support to the Input remapper
  • Oculus SDK Update to 1.35
  • Oculus Audio Spatializer updated to support older CPU’s without the AVX instruction set that was preventing the game from starting on those CPUs.
  • Switched from Mono to IL2cpp builds


  • Stuttering experienced by some players
  • Removing the headset and coming back to the main menu would result in no input
  • Volume sliders didn’t provide real time feedback
  • Wrong audio played when the player failed Mission 11 and 12
  • Input Remapper not closing correctly sometimes
  • Audio wouldn’t fade out correctly while switching scenes on slower CPUs
  • Intro cinematic audio still played while video was skipped
  • Allow controller switching by moving a controller thumbstick as well as pushing a button

We would appreciate help testing the Beta. Comments and suggestions can be made on the End Space Steam Community page.

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