End Space 1.1 Patch Notes

It’s been a crazy 3 months since the initial release of End Space! The game has been so well received it has been on the Top Selling list on Oculus Home every week since launch. It’s had a ton of great reviews, and every day I get emails from people saying how much they enjoy playing the game.

The success of End Space has enabled me to start a company, Orange Bridge Studios, along with my brother Lee, the man behind VR Dev School. For the last 3 months we have been learning the ropes of starting a company, working on End Space full time, and trying to get outside to see the sun.

Now we are ready to release End Space 1.1. This is a foundational update to improve performance, fix issues, improve the visual quality of the game, and most importantly open up the game to a larger audience with the introduction of Touchpad Flight mode. Read on below to see what’s new….


  • Introducing Touchpad Flight mode. Play End Space without the use of a gamepad. Use the Touchpad on the side of the Gear VR to control your ship. Requires standing or swivel chair to play.
  • Gamepads are now optional. Start the game with a gamepad connected to use the Gamepad Flight mode. If no gamepad is connected, Touchpad Flight mode will be selected by default.
  • Gamepad Comfort mode. Enable “Look to Fly” in the Options menu to fly using your head instead of the thumb pads. This is a much more comfortable option for most people. Requires standing or swivel chair to play.
  • New detailed player cockpit thanks to the talented Lee Souder.
  • Warp In and Warp Out. Every level starts with a warp into the level and after a successful mission you must align to the Navigation Beacon and warp out.
  • Explore the space station by teleporting around. (Next major update will expand on this feature along with the introduction of a new storyline)
  • Explosions are more explosive. Boom!
  • Weapon characteristics are now more distinct.
  • Pick your loadout by equipping unlocked weapons in the ‘Ammo Loadout’ and ‘Missile Loadout’ menus.
  • Press X or Swipe Up to switch between your equipped Primary Weapons.
  • Press Y to switch between your equipped Secondary Weapons. Due to input limitations you cannot switch between Secondary Weapons in Touchpad Flight mode.
  • Decreased level load times.
  • Texture and shader improvements on many things.

Game Balance

  • Resistance non-Capital Ship pilots will now eject into an escape pod when their ship explodes. Destroy the pods before they escape to earn extra credits.
  • Everything is 80% smaller to reflect real world values. This increases the 3D effect as well.
  • Small ship colliders are more accurate.
  • Boost time is longer, faster, and recharges more quickly.
  • Resistance Bombers now shoot EMP missiles.
  • Missile locking improvements.
  • Added 2 new Easter Eggs for you to discover.

Bug fixes

  • Lots of new gamepads supported. PS4 controller is still NOT supported. See the Support page for more details.
  • Bluetooth headphones should work now (But still not recommended. Use wired headphones for best experience).
  • Can no longer Pause the game while the Mission Complete or Game Over menu is open.
  • Tonnes of performance enhancements.
  • Several new sound effects.
  • Sound effect volume adjustments.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts about the new update so feel free to leave a comment below. If you’ve found any bugs or have suggestions head over to the Support page and send us an email.

Haven’t tried End Space yet? Buy it from Oculus Home HERE.

15 thoughts on “End Space 1.1 Patch Notes”

  1. I preferred the old cockpit art. The new one is well drawn but gets in the way too much when in combat. Any chance of offering the two cockpit views as an option?

    • No not really… It would be too complicated to support for the future updates I am working on and the new functionality that’s coming to the cockpit. All the comments have been extremely positive about the new one.

  2. I just bought the game a few days ago and I am VERY impressed. This is definitely the best Space Combat VR experience I have ever had. I really appreciate the openness of the levels, the combat, and the graphical fidelity. I’ll definitely be telling my friends about this game, and I’m looking forward to future updates!

  3. New update is really nice, and idk if I just never noticed but i’m pretty sure that the 2nd weapon choice, the whatever solo got nerfed which is nice! However I preferred the old spaceship, the old cockpit. It was less crowded, felt bigger, the hud of it looked better, I mean the circle hud display is cool and all but I still preferred the original. The only problem with the old space ship was no player model and the floor maybe needed some work.. I don’t like the new cursor, don’t like the new space ship and hud in general besides the lock-on for missiles. Whenever multiplayer comes out it would be nice if you could choose different ships that have different stats and different cursors, that would make the game feel a lot more open. Escape pods are cool, really hard to shoot down lol. Love the new lobby menu thing, a bit derpy, needs some perfection but its really cool, including the mini game in it, completely awesome, and I thought the old lobby couldn’t possibly get any better! Hope multiplayer comes out before 2017, well cool update, but in the future I hope you can choose different ships, the new one is cool and all but I don’t like it nearly as much :/.

    PS. When multiplayer comes out, this will be no doubt the best Gear VR game out there!

  4. a very fun game. not only for VR but in general.
    in my life i’ve always dreamed of a game like this to exist and now i’m playing it!
    LOVE the last update
    i don’t particularly care for pvp. what i really desire is some more different action:
    -different kind of enemy ships
    -double tap to roll to have an evasive manouver
    -different kind of levels: like attacking a giant ship with multiple objectives on it

  5. Would like to change the stick layout for my controller in setting. I hate having to pitch and roll with two different thumbsticks.

  6. I keep having issues with my steelseries stratus xl gamepad. After the first couple of minutes in the first misson the gamepad is not responding anymore . Is this a known issue with the stratus which works just fine on other games?

    • Not a known issue. The Stratus XL has worked perfect for me and many other people. Sounds like it’s disconnecting while playing. Check your batteries and make sure they are charged up as well as your Bluetooth connection. Feel free to email me if the problem persists.

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