End Space 1.1.1 Patch Notes

End Space was just updated to 1.1.1. Head to Oculus Home and grab the new update. This is a small update to address issues introduced in the 1.1 update. Read the patch notes below for a detailed list of everything fixed.

Also really excited to see that Upload VR just published a great article on how we got our start turning Google Cardboard success into a full-time VR studio: How Two Brothers Built a Full-Time VR Studio Out of Pizza Boxes


  • New teleportation method around the space station.
  • In the Main Menu use the shoulder button on a gamepad to rotate your view. Use Swipe Left / Right with the Touchpad.
  • Weapon impact size increased to give more visual indication of a successful hit.
  • A small beep is played on every successful hit of a enemy.
  • ‘No Ammo’ is displayed when you have run out of ammo.
  • When ‘Look to Aim’ is disabled a crosshair will appear for when using a gamepad.

Bug Fixes:

  • When holding down the back button the Oculus Global menu will now appear as expected.
  • Fixed mission select menu lag.
  • Audio distortion issue should be solved when too many sound effects playing.
  • When pausing the game selecting ‘Quit’ and then selecting ‘No’ the Pause menu would still be displayed.
  • Shield charging sound effect would change after a full recharge was completed.
  • Missiles turrets and laser turrets were half the size they should be.
  • Increased FPS while Warping.
  • After Warping out the ship’s cockpit was jittery.
  • In LZ-129 Alpha 2 would sometimes attack the Warp Drive Jammer instead of helping you destroy the carrier.
  • If a mission was completed pushing the back button twice would return you to the main menu without saving your progress.

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