End Space 1.0.2 Patch Notes

Released a small patch to fix the following issues:


  • Player speed increased by 20%
  • More explosive explosions
  • Tweaked movement of some Resistance fighters

Bug Fixes:

  • After completing a mission, clicking main menu would restart the level instead of bringing you to the main menu
  • Border Patrol – Sometimes the second wave would not spawn, not allowing the player to complete the level
  • Lost Cargo – A player could lose track of which cargo container they were meant to collect
  • Sometimes more enemies would spawn then supposed to
  • Cargo containers couldn’t be destroyed with missiles
  • Missiles had shaky movement

I am constantly looking to improve the game. If you find more bugs or have feature requests / ideas I want to know! Leave a comment below or contact me on the Support page.

2 thoughts on “End Space 1.0.2 Patch Notes”

  1. This update keeps downloading, and says installing but never finishes. 5th attempt. How can I update this app without the glasses plastered to my fac?

    • I have contacted Oculus about this and waiting for a response. The problem seems to be with the Oculus Store and affects a few apps. You can use the Oculus app instead to do updates as well, no need to do it in VR. The other option is to uninstall and reinstall the game, but be warned you will lose your progress.


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