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(Updated May 01, 2016) Got a Gear VR and want to try out Google Cardboard apps with it? There are 3 ways to do it, insert the phone without plugging in the USB port or download one of two apps available CB Enabler for Gear VR or Package Disabler Pro. CB Enabler for Gear VR is the preferred method. It will allow you to use the Gear VR touch pad as a click and the Gear VR will hold your phone securely. Read on to find out how to do each.

Step 1 – Setup your viewer profile

Google Cardboard requires you to scan a QR code to properly configure your VR headset to work correctly with the app. Here are the steps required and the QR codes:

  • Open your Google Cardboard app
  • Click the gear icon in the bottom middle of the screen. This opens the settings dialogue box. 
  • Click ‘Switch Viewer’
  • Scan one of the 3 QR codes below depending on your phone:

Step 2 – Choose your method:

Method 1 – CB Enabler for Gear VR

When you plug your phone into the Gear VR, it instantly starts the Oculus Home utility. This makes running Cardboard apps impossible because you can’t get out of Oculus Home. However you can download an app to disable this function.

  • Install CB Enabler for Gear VR from the Play Store
  • Open the app and tap on the Google Cardboard icon.
  • Open your Google Cardboard app of choice (Like End Space VR for Cardboard)
  • Insert your phone like normal in to the Gear VR
  • Enjoy your Google Cardboard app in the Gear VR
  • When you are finished with the Google Cardboard app, be sure to tap on the Gear VR icon to re-enable the Gear VR service.


Method 2 – Package Disabler Pro

Package Disabler Pro works like CB Enabler for Gear VR but allows use to disable more than just the Gear VR service. The downside with this app is the touchpad won’t work for clicking.

  • Install Package Disabler Pro from the Play Store
  • Open the app and check the box for Gear VR service
  • Open your Google Cardboard app of choice
  • Insert your phone like normal in to the Gear VR
  • Enjoy your Google Cardboard app in the Gear VR

When you are finished with your Google Cardboard, make sure to re-enable the Gear VR service in Package Disabler Pro. Otherwise you won’t be able to get back to Oculus home.

Method 2 – Don’t connect the phone to the Gear VR

Like I stated above, when you connect your phone to the Gear VR, the Oculus Home utility instantly starts. But if you want to use your Google Cardboard app and don’t want to install more apps, then simply don’t connect your phone to the USB port

  • Open your Google Cardboard app of choice
  • Insert your phone into the Gear VR, but this time lift up the USB port so the phone isn’t connected to to the Gear VR
  • Enjoy your Google Cardboard app in the Gear VR
Gear VR USB Port
Lift up the USB port and insert your phone.

The downside to this method is the phone is not perfectly centered and causes the apps to be a little blurry. The phone is held in place but not as secure as when connected to the USB port, so there’s potential the phone could come loose and fall out.


There you have it, you can now checkout Google Cardboard apps with your Gear VR. The tracking is no where near as good in Cardboard apps as it is with the Gear VR. The extra sensors and work Oculus did with the Gear VR are incredible and when using Google Cardboard apps this feature set is lost.

If you are using Package Disabler Pro and need a click option, you can pair a Bluetooth controller to your phone instead to handle the clicks. Got a PS4 controller? Read my guide PS4 controller setup with Gear VR & Google Cardboard.

Be sure to check out my recently released game End Space on the Gear VR!

52 thoughts on “Google Cardboard for Gear VR”

  1. Reading the reviews for the “Package Disabler Pro” I found this:

    “Works as intended. However, if you have an Oculus Gear VR….be very careful of what you disable. You won’t be able to install new games and apps from the Oculus Store. This is even with all of the Oculus software enabled. Samsung S6”

    Is this something to worry about?

  2. I was able to disable the service before, now it won’t let me. It gives me am admin error, telling me too change security settings. Any idea?

  3. Be advised that if you use the CB Enabler app the phone won’t charge through the Gear VR mini-USB port while using Cardboard apps (as it will while in Oculus mode).

  4. I used the package disabler, it worked very well but when I use any app it rotates slowly, do u know a solution?

    • There is no solution. The rotation you get is called ‘Drift’. When using Cardboard apps the extra tracking sensors the Gear VR has are disabled. Every Cardboard headset suffers from this problem. Using just the phones sensors it can not provide the necessary tracking to eliminate drift.

  5. Every time I snap my Galaxy S7 Edge into the Gear VR, it depresses the home button and exits the app. Is there a work around I’m not getting? Using BK Package Disabler.

  6. So..
    Who wants to share a modded Note 4 patch to get Note 3 working on Gear VR?

    Has anyone else made the usb point off centre to fit the Note 3?

    Has anyone else registered their Note 3 sm n9005 in the Oculus Store?

  7. Late to the comment party but a better Method 2 for the consumer model is to insert a plastic isolator tab between the usb adapter module and its slot on the gear vr and mount the phone as usual. You lose both the touch pad and charging functions but it holds the phone safely like it should.

  8. You can unlock and slide out the USB piece, put a little piece of tape to block the connections then slide it back in place. Then you can connect the phone to the USB port and the transmission is blocked but your phone will stay secured. The touchpad won’t work though.

  9. I have the gs7 and the vr gear i downloaded ur method 1 the cb enabler. I put it on the vr gear, grabed one of my purchased coasters like said. Pluged in and nothing. So i tried the last method the no plug in and that 2 didnt work. It was like putting googles on n watching tv impossible to see. Can i ask what am i doing wrong. Before i had to return my phone i was able to see example my vtest in the oculus but the 1 i found isnt in oculus when i went to set it up, im installing it as we speak but if i cant get any of my cb games to work how is that going to. Ive brought several coasters from cb or they say vr with the cb puc on it and they are no where to be found except on my phones app screen. I dnt care about the money i just like the stuff cb offers. Can u please help me figure out what i did wrong. The last time i wasnt able to use my cb either n got the enabler is thier mayb a fourth option…

  10. CB Enabler for Gear VR link says it’s not enabled for my country. I’m in the US. Also it doesn’t show up when I search in the Play Store.

  11. I think the suggested apps are no longer available. I used this app. It is about the same as CB Enabler for Gear VR. Search for Play Cardboard apps on Gear VR. It is not free but costs € 1,29 but works just fine!

  12. These apps aren’t available anymore I just stuck a piece of paper in between the adapters and the vr headset seems to be working

  13. Thank you so much for coming Straight to the point without wasting time. One of the useful guides for setting up Gear VR and Google Card Board. Can you provide me a QR Code to get it for my Samsung Galaxy S8+? Will be waiting :D

  14. Awesome, works as intended, but I just want to know how to switch back to the default gear vr calibration? I simply set cardboard default in the cardboard app?

  15. After Reading the reviews for the “Package Disabler Pro” I found some thing questionable in my mind.

    Actually, I have an Oculus Gear VR on my Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro, I think you know we can’t Install New apps and games on it. Is this something to worry about?

    If this Gear VR works on my end too, then Can you please provide me a QR Code to get it for my Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro? Will be waiting

  16. after trying all these complicated ways to bypass Samsung vr gear and oculus so I can FPV my drone I figured out the simplest solution; A LITTLE PIECE OF ELECTRICAL TAPE OVER CIRCUIT CONNECTOR ON VR!!!!

  17. Use paper not electrical tape or the glue will eventually build up and cause you issues requiring cleaning… Also just connect and hit the X right at to top edge of the screen before oculus fully loads and the open cardboard while it connected but not folded into the headset completely. I do it this way so I don’t need to alter or hack. Just simply close the app. FYL the Lil X will only be there for a couple seconds… I just tap it like crazy as soon as it appears. Also newer QR Codes are here I use daydream 2017 profile to start out. Got a daydream remote ordered for cheap as well to control it as well but one could open the Samsung case and super glue a small washer inside the left side opposite side of the touch pad and just attatch a elemental magnet to slide for a clicker. I’m guessing.

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