The Collective Update – End Space 1.0.4

We are extremely excited to release the new ‘Collective Update’ for End Space on August 2nd. End Space originally released 2.5 years ago for the Gear VR and since then we have brought it to PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Windows Mixed Reality, and most recently Oculus Go. With every release on a new platform the last platform suffered from a lack of attention while we tried to get the next platform ready. As you may know End Space is made just by Lee and I. Since the Gear VR release I have had two babies, and Lee is still celebrating his first baby born just two weeks ago. We try to do our best but it’s not easy becoming fathers, starting a business, and working on a game across so many platforms.

Sadly that meant the PlayStation VR version hasn’t had an update since December, Rift and Vive since March. Every release also has made the game better and better but not everyone has benefited from those changes. Our PlayStation VR community has had to endure a less than perfect experience filled with bugs and crashes, while the Steam community found the game to be not challenging enough with a bug making the player invincible. This has lead to bad reviews, player frustration and stress for us because we want End Space to be great for everyone.

So starting August 2nd every platform will be updated to End Space 1.0.4 the ‘Collective Update’. We are going to do our best moving forward when releasing a patch that every platform receives the same update (unless it’s platform specific). In creating the Collective Update we have taken every piece of feedback, every review, and every fan email into consideration to craft the best update to End Space yet. We have improved the graphics, made the game more challenging, fixed crashes, bugs and pain points, and made the game a much more enjoyable experience.

Also as a big thank you to our Oculus community we have worked with Oculus to enable cross buy across the Oculus ecosystem. If you buy End Space on Go or Gear VR you will receive a copy to play on your Oculus Rift and vice versa. *Note as of August 9th, 2018 the request has been put into the Oculus store team to enable cross buy but it hasn’t been enabled yet. We will update this as soon as it is confirmed to be working.

We hope you enjoy playing this new update regardless of what platform you choose to experience End Space on.

Fly safe,


End Space 1.0.4 – The Collective Update Patch Notes

Updates (all platforms)

  • Update to Unity 2018.1.6
  • New Planet shaders
  • Added a pointer to the end of motion controllers for easier UI navigation
  • Added option to disable controller vibration
  • Added armor and shield hit sound effects
  • Added a voice prompt when shields are critical
  • Ship Upgrades menu now shows actual stats of weapon upgrades
  • Added in warp sound effect
  • Added smoothing to transitioning between Boosting & Braking while using Gaze for Flight

Updates (Gear VR)

  • Added 4 new levels
  • Enabled 72hz mode on Oculus Go
  • Added option to switch secondary weapon by holding down touchpad on Go / Gear VR controller
  • Now using Floating Point Precision to reduce shaking and improve performance the farther the player flies from the middle of the world.
  • Gaze to Fly and Gaze to Target now can work together

Updates (Gear VR/Rift)

  • Added cross buy! Buy End Space on Oculus Go, and play on Rift or vice versa.
  • Update to Oculus SDK 1.27

Updates (PS4)

  • Update to PS4 SDK 5.5
  • Improved a lot of sound effects
  • Looking at the targeting reticle will now also acquire a target lock
  • Explosions look better and are more realistic
  • Added animated planet textures
  • Switched to new native Unity and Rewired support for HOTAS

Balance Changes (all platforms)

  • AI controlled ships are much more accurate and dynamic
  • Foxhound missile damage increased by 15
  • Meteor Missile damage decreased by 25
  • TLF and UTC Fighters now have a 90 degree front firing arc
  • TLF Bombers now have a 360 firing arc
  • UTC Fighter damage increased by 15
  • Reduced TLF Fighter Damage for all ship types

Bug Fixes (all platforms)

  • Fixed Solo cannon playing the wrong sound effect
  • Pulse laser wasn’t doing the correct amount of damage
  • Fixed volume of Solo and Plasma cannons
  • Improved LOD performance
  • Research Station doesn’t move when a section of the station is destroyed
  • Fix for Station Rescue not being able to be completed in certain cases
  • TLF Cruisers now have the correct HP
  • Player could acquire a target lock while dead in some cases
  • Star particles were playing when the player was dead and not moving
  • Credit count was missing from Ammo Upgrade store
  • Fix UI issue where moving your head could select items while using a gamepad to use the UI
  • Fixed issue where the Turret could get stuck pointing up
  • Fixed AI not being able to target the ship attacking it
  • Fix for UTC Fighter not helping in LZ-129
  • Bunch of smaller fixes

Bug Fixes (Steam)

  • Fixed player not taking damage when using OpenVR with no motion controller connected and only a gamepad connected.
  • Fixed not being able to Recenter the headset when in the Main menu
  • Reduced Recenter button time
  • Fixed Oculus Touch controllers being difficult to use with the UI

Bug Fixes (PS4)

  • Fix for Station Rescue bug that could prevent mission completion
  • Fix for audio not fading in and out between scenes
  • UTC Turrets didn’t have sound effects
  • Ship reticles are no longer removed when out of range
  • Minefield particles had the wrong color
  • Fixed warp in of cargo ship in Lost Cargo
  • Fixed a crash bug related to the Save Data API and Unity’s scripting backend

Known Issues (PC)

14 thoughts on “The Collective Update – End Space 1.0.4”

  1. One of my first PSVR games. I just love cockpit spaceship games and yours is really good and has so much more potential. Keep these updates coming! Some people like me are psyched about playing tonight on the new version.

  2. Hey guys. Good update. One question though…. what the hell do I need to do to find the mystery of the tartalus (for the trophy)?

  3. Love what you guys are doing would love multiplayer for end space, it would make the game so much more replayable, I would not care if you charged extra I love the game and this would make my year. Thanks

  4. 12/31/18.How can i bypass level Messier 36 (or any level for that matter). I find it impossible to complete the mission. With 3 targets each protected by 3 guns, then having about 10 ships shooting at me it’s seems to be unwinable for me. I’m new to gaming. I have to shoot each target way too many times while being shot at by multiple others. Thanks

    • Hi Bruce,
      A tip for that level is too shoot the missiles coming at you to reduce the damage you take. You should be able to take out all the missiles and then take out the turret. If your shields get low then break off and let them recharge before attacking again.

  5. And to think. Frontier Developments have been telling PSVR users that the consoles not powerful enough to give a good experience in VR. I think you guys could show David Braberns people a thing or two!!!

  6. I’m playing on PS4. I’ve done the first 2 missions but no tropies have been unlocked and the game doesn’t appear in my trophy list. It’s a fun game I’ll complete anyways.


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