End Space 1.2.2 Released with Gear VR Controller Support

Hello pilots,

Today marks the release of our first update to End Space for 2017. It’s a massive update with many improvements to the original game and is paving the way for the next update that is going to offer more content and extend the game to a whole new level. Headlining this update is support for the new Gear VR controller, a whole new storyline, customization of gamepad controls, new starting scene, UI redesign, improved AI, and much much more.

What’s more is this update is just the start. We have a lot of work going on to bring out the next update and some more exciting news to announce soon. Read on to get all the details!

This is a huge update to End Space that I hope you enjoy. Your continued feedback is important in shaping the future of End Space. In the coming weeks we have another large update that focuses on content and have some big announcements to make.

Thanks for your continued support,


Updated 19/05/2017 to include notes from patch 1.2.2

New Gear VR Controller Support

We have been working really closely with Samsung and Oculus the last months on integrating the new Gear VR controller into End Space. The new Gear VR controller offers a whole new way to fly your ship using the controller’s position and rotation, control the joystick of your Minos fighter like never before. Use the thumbpad to fire missiles, boost, brake, and switch your ammo types. 

New Storyline

We have been working with a writer and voice actor to provide a whole new storyline to the game. All the old audio has been replaced with new professionally voice acted speech to tell the story of the conflict between the United Trade Consortium and the Tartarus Liberation Front. Expect more updates on this in the coming weeks!

New Gamepad Controller Mapping + Throttle Control

This should put a smile on a lot of peoples face’s. Now all supported gamepads are able to use the new Control Remapper to change your configuration how you like it. To change the controls open up the new Settings menu. If you have a supported controller you should see the Remapping button. Using the right stick Y-Axis you can change the throttle with gamepads as well. Boosting and braking has changed on gamepads. Hold down the Boost or Brake buttons and release to stop. Note, only gamepads are supported at this time and not the new Gear VR remote for throttle and remapping.

Animated Avatar

Your pilot’s body is now animated and follows your movement and input options in flight.

New redesigned Main Menu + Level Unlock System

The main menu scene has been completely redesigned as well as the level unlock system. Level’s are no longer unlocked with credits but will be automatically unlocked upon successfully completing of the last level played.  There is a new galaxy map that displays all available levels in the Tartarus Sector.

Redesigned UI

We have done a complete design of the UI and how you interact with it. The new UI reacts  depending on your detected input type Gaze, Gamepad, or Gear VR controller. The in-flight HUD has been redesigned to offer more information and also new is a Lead Indicator to make aiming a little less frustrating.

Removed Pickups

Gone are the pickups spawned from killing ships. The system has been replaced with a improved regeneration system for energy, shields, and missiles. But watch out, your hull cannot be repaired until you return to the Condottiero Indigo Lima.


  • Player’s body now moves with the player and reacts to your input
  • New jump in effects for TLF fighters
  • Improved sound effects
  • When completing a mission you now come to a scenic view point to admire the level
  • Improved the backgrounds for all levels
  • Ninja Miners has new ice crystals and the miners fight back, watch out!
  • Screen fade while boosting or braking is now a player preference in the Settings menu
  • Under Siege has a new cargo ship with a turret
  • Completely redesigned the turrets in the game (more to come…)
  • The AI should be much smarter and not fly straight into things.
  • Drones and Turrets will select other targets not just the player.
  • New weapon impacts effects
  • Weapon re-balancing for all ships
  • Throttle Controls for gamepads
  • More control over boosting & braking with gamepad 

Bug Fixes:

  • Escape pods couldn’t be hit
  • Warpout beacon indicator sometimes wouldn’t show up right away
  • Missile lock on should be much easier
  • Performance fixes

Added in 1.2.1


  • Updated graphics for mission LZ-129
  • HOTAS support over USB
  • Added ‘Reverse Roll’ setting for Gear VR controller

Bug Fixes:

  • Control remapping wasn’t working as it should, should work correctly now with supported controllers
  • In LZ-129, if the player died the wrong audio would play
  • Certain menus were’t highlighting the text making it hard to see what button is selected
  • Certain hit effects weren’t playing a sound effect on hit
  • Unsupported controllers didn’t have the correct mapping assigned
  • When using a gamepad, boosting and braking sound effects weren’t being played
  • TFL jump portals would roll with the player
  • When using the Touchpad to play, swipes would also trigger the guns to fire
  • Space debris wouldn’t change speed with the player
  • Closed off a section of the galaxy map to show that new missions are coming

Added in 1.2.2


  • Added ability to adjust Gear VR controller deadzone
  • Improved rendering of cockpit UI
  • Some balance changes

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed issues with the level Lost Cargo and players getting lost
  • Fixed issue with Gear VR controller reverse roll setting not working
  • Fixed issue with lighting not being applied to turrets in some levels
  • Fixed issue with not being able to hit the Comm Relay on the TFL carrier with missiles

24 thoughts on “End Space 1.2.2 Released with Gear VR Controller Support”

  1. I’m really liking the new front-end, and all of the new control fidelity is great!

    If i had any criticism, it would be that the button highlighting isn’t strong enough on the mission complete screen. Quite often i find myself toggling between replay and end mission to see which one is actually selected!

    The highlighting in the main menu is easily identified.

  2. Is there a way to know how many levels are in the game? There are no more missions after the seventh mission in which you blow up the stranded capital ship. However the map gives me the impression that I’m only halfway through the game. Am I missing something?

  3. I like the update. How do you use a HOTAS with the game? “HOTAS support over USB” Does this mean you can only use a HOTAS with the oculus rift edition of the game?

  4. The game is amazing, but I’m having a big problem with the flight control. I’m using a Galaxy S8 and the new Gear VR with the touch controller. The controller works like a champ to steer the ship, but I can’t seem to center it. I basically have to point the controller nearly straight up, cocked about 20 degrees to the left for level flight. I’ve not been able to find a way to adjust the controls…

    • Hi Matt,
      To recenter the controller hold the Home button for a few seconds. But the controller is set at a 45 degree angle to match a real joystick and it is much more comfortable to hold that way for playing.

  5. Hello!

    I was wondering if I could get some help… I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong, but I’m having a real hard time steering my ship… I’m waving my arm around all over the place and the ship is just spinning out of control. After some reading I found out that I’m supposed to hold the Gear VR controller like a joystick. That made steering the ship somewhat easier, but I still find myself twisting my wrist in an unnatural way trying to turn the ship to the sides, and I usually end up going downwards at the same time, especially when turning to the left (because I’m right-handed and how my wrist bends, I guess…?). I wish I could describe all this better, but the controls just feel very unresponsive and unnatural…

    I also tried the “look to fly” option which made steering a whole lot easier, but how do I turn my ship around in this mode? I can’t turn my head 180 degrees to fly in the opposite direction. Again, maybe I’m doing something wrong here? I was able to play in this mode by sitting in my office chair so I could spin around with my feet to turn, but as you can probably imagine this felt a bit ridiculous… :) I also ended up hitting my desk as I was moving around in my chair, so this wasn’t optimal either.

    The game works just fine with my gamepad though! No complaints there. But I really wanted to try it with the new Gear VR controller.

    Also, is there a way to get back to the start screen/menu while in-game and using the Gear VR controller? I tried every button and also tried double-clicking the back button, but no success. So far I’ve had to press the home button and restart the game every time I wanted to change an option.

    Thank you for any help!


    • Waving your arm isn’t a good idea. The controller is quite sensitive and responds to small movements. The idea is to hold the controller like a joystick. In the settings menu you are able to change the angle of the controller. You are right in some movements feel hard to do with the controller because unlike a real joystick the Gear VR controller isn’t bolted down and you are trying to hold it up and make small movements. It takes a certain amount of finesse to fly spaceships :)

      To get back to the main menu, just click the back button once to pause the game, and there is a option to return to the menu. No need to restart the game. It would be nice to have it as a option in the main menu I agree.

  6. Okay i dont play any type of game but i love my samsung s8 and the vr headset with it. I have a question on the mission after the cargo mission i forgot the name but as im shooting down ships well i always get killed after they say my shield is down. How do i stop my shields from coming down and leaving my ship vulnerable.

    • To stop you shields coming down you have to not get hit. Try flying in different patterns to get away from enemies or make sure to boost to get some distance. Also be sure to shot down any missiles coming at you.

  7. Firstly what a amazing game. Well done, i was wondering if you could make the cockpit glass very slightly visable/slightly reflective in the next update, until it’s cracked you cannot see any glass, I find this in flight Sims to be very realistic. It adds to the feel of being inside a cockpit.

    • This is done for performance reasons on the Gear VR. Reflective glass is really performance intensive and the Gear VR can’t handle it. You might see it on the Oculus Go this spring though ;) Glad you like the game!

  8. I received my VR Gear a month ago and am very impressed with Endspace. It’s an incredible game like everyone described it. That being said, is there going to be an update to the game with additional missions or even a follow up Endspace 2? Keep up the excellant work.

  9. Thankyou. I was a long time player of xwing and tie fighter in the distant past, and you have done a great job of opening space combat up to VR. Will deffo order the expansion when you release it.

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