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Google Cardboard for Gear VR


(Updated May 01, 2016) Got a Gear VR and want to try out Google Cardboard apps with it? There are 3 ways to do it, insert the phone without plugging in the USB port or download one of two apps available CB Enabler for Gear VR or Package Disabler Pro. CB Enabler for Gear VR is the preferred method. It will allow you to use the Gear VR touch pad as a click and the Gear VR will hold your phone securely. Read on to find out how to do each.

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End Space – Releases today for Gear VR

April 21st 2016, End Space releases as the featured app on Oculus Home for the Gear VR. End Space builds on the success of End Space VR for Cardboard which has been constantly ranked as one of the best games for Google Cardboard but has been completely rebuilt to push the Gear VR to the limits. Showcasing some of the best visuals found on the Gear VR, End Space puts you in the seat of a heavily armed, X6 fighter to take on the enemy known as the Resistance.

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