End Space VR now on iPhone

Thanks to the help of my brother Lee, End Space VR is now on iOS, and available for iphone 5 and 6. I was really happy / surprised to see the game pass Apple’s review process on the first submit. Using Unity we didn’t have to much trouble porting it over to iOS, initially we had some texture compression settings that were halting the build process but once that was cleared up it was running on Lee’s iPhone 6 in about 2 hours.

Getting End Space VR running on iPhone with my brother Lee.

Differences to the Android version:

  • Textures and graphics don’t seem as sharp. Has something to do with the texture compression for iOS
  • No share buttons, I didn’t have time to write the code for iOS on bringing up the share menu. For now sharing is disabled.

Thanks to VR-iPhone for a glowing review of End Space VR on the release day: Review here.

Looking to download End Space VR for your iPhone? 

Download End Space VR on the App Store

5 thoughts on “End Space VR now on iPhone”

  1. Hello!
    I see the game was updated to a new version, but in the iOS it’s not. The schedule of releasing is different between the platforms?
    It’s the best game I had in my Cardboard though, congratulations!

    • Yes, because for android I just have to upload a file and it instantly goes online. With Apple and the App store, every time I was to update the game Apple has to re-review the app which takes up to a week or longer. So I have published the update but just waiting for Apple to review it. They took a break over Christmas so it’s taking a bit longer.
      Glad you liked the game, if you haven’t don’t forget to leave a 5 star review for it, it really helps me out. And if there’s more you would like to see or have suggestions feel free to e-mail me.

  2. Howdy! Just learning about End Space, have a generic VR headset and iPhone I wanted to share and check out with my son, but it seems all links for App Store are working or there even coming up. Is this still available? Looks like its been renamed Micro Starfighter as well? Can’t find or download :(. Look forward to checking it out :)


    Houston, TX

    • Sorry James, I the iPhone version is no longer available due to Apples switch to 64 bit apps and I no longer own any Apple devices to continue supporting the platform. Also End Space on iPhone is not the current version of End Space found on all the other highend VR platforms.


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