Minos Starfighter

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*End Space VR for Cardboard is now Minos Starfighter VR

Minos Starfighter is a first-person arcade space shooter built for virtual reality.

Grab your Google Cardboard put on your headphones and strap yourself in to your space fighter and fly through intense space battles defeating progressively harder waves of enemies. Feel immersed in the visually stunning, 3D positional audio world of Minos Starfighter.

Minos Starfighter was built from the ground up to utilize the Google Cardboard and other similar virtual reality headsets. It features fast paced one trigger click gameplay or if your virtual reality headset doesn’t have a button there is a option to play without.


  • Fully immersive VR experience using AAA graphics and 3D sound
  • 3 beautifully crafted space environments to fly through
  • Never ending gameplay with progressively harder waves of enemies
  • Highly detailed ships with damage modeling and destructible pieces
  • Powerful upgrades to your ship and weapons
  • Share your score with friends and compete across social networks

Minos Starfighter 
Screen shots


Minos Starfighter brings the power of Google Cardboard to it’s full potential. Powered by the Unity 5 engine and paired with your choice of compatible smartphone be prepared to be blown away.

Get End Space VR on Google Play
Download End Space VR on the App Store

End Space VR for Google Cardboard


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