End Space VR for Cardboard is now Minos Starfighter

End Space VR for Cardboard has had it’s named changed to Minos Starfighter! The name change is to stop any more confusion that End Space VR for Cardboard is a similar game to End Space on the Gear VR. This will hopefully put a to stop to any future confusion as we push forward developing End Space on other platforms. End Space VR for Cardboard has been wildly successful with many fantastic reviews, recommendations, and awards naming it the best game for Google Cardboard. Minos Starfighter will continue that tradition and is available on the Play Store and the App Store. End Space will continue to be our main focus of future development efforts.

To celebrate the one year anniversary of the release of End Space VR for Cardboard and to reflect the name change to Minos Starfighter we have issued an update that is now live on the Google Play store and should be live on the App store in a day or two. Here are the patch notes for the update:


  • Game name changed from End Space VR for Cardboard to Minos Starfighter VR
  • New more detailed cockpit model
  • Updated to Unity 5.4.1 and Cardboard SDK 0.8.5
  • Target boxes now scale with distance

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed crashes on different phones
  • Fixed bug in radar pointing in the wrong direction
  • Fixed some audio problems


  • Removed support for the LG G3 (This phone is not compatible with Minos Starfighter)
  • Minimum Android version is now 4.4 Kit Kat.

If there are any problems with the new update please email me at justin@endspacevr.com.

2 thoughts on “End Space VR for Cardboard is now Minos Starfighter”

  1. One year anniversary? So End Space on gear hasn’t even been out for a year? wow. Cockpit looks nice in the new update for cardboard btw.


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