End Space VR for Cardboard v1.2.1 Patch Notes

Check out the new 3D spatial audio in the latest update of End Space VR for Cardboard. Using this new technology sound is played back as humans actually here sound. Sound coming from the right will also play in your left ear with a slight delay. Combine this with head tracking and you can pinpoint the location of where that sound is coming from.

The main menu has the music coming from the Play button, grab your headphones and load up End Space VR and have a look around in the main menu. You’ll hear the difference as you turn left and right. Preferably use wired headphones, using Bluetooth headphones introduces to much latency to the sound and the effect get’s lost.

The rest of the patch notes you can read below:


  • Spatialized sound support. Sound is now done with Google Cardboard’s new spatialized audio. Fully immersive 3d positional sound. It’s fantastic!
  • Update to v0.6 of Cardboard SDK

Game Balance

  • Capital ship hit points increased.
  • Removed asteroids from being destructible. Don’t run into them, they hurt.

Bug fixes

  • Enemy target reticle now uses an overlay shader
  • Gamepad support should keep across scenes
  • Capital turrets no longer do damage when the raycast doesn’t hit the player

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