End Space VR for Cardboard v1.01 Patch notes

One month after the release of End Space VR, I’m happy to announce v1.01. The most requested feature was Bluetooth controller support, which has been added using the Rewired input manager. Most Bluetooth and USB gamepad controllers should work to fire your lasers. (Note not every controller can be supported) Future updates will include full support of game pads including movement and other weapons. One person can only do so much :)

Read the rest of the patch notes below:


  • Gamepad controller support. End Space VR now uses Rewired for input management, it should support a wide range of Bluetooth and USB Gamepad controllers. Initial update allows shooting and pausing.
  • Radar! Ships not in view are now tracked with a Radar. Arrows help track down the last enemies alive.
  • Score sharing, now share your score with your friends!
  • New design for buttons, makes it easier to see what is a button.

Game Balance

  • Capital ship hit points increased.
  • Hitboxes increased on the player and on enemy fighters.

Bug fixes

  • Explosions and warp effects louder.
  • Capital ship was displaying black on some phones.
  • While using Gaze to Shoot ammo wasn’t being subtracted.
  • Back button wasn’t pausing the game (Android).
  • Fighters not getting new target while behind the player.

Did I miss something? Found a bug? Leave me a comment below.

Updated 1.011


  • Updated to Unity 5.3
  • Added support for a couple more Gamepads

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a couple of errors caused by the radar
  • Better object pooling / performance
  • Smaller player collider, enemy ships shouldn’t get stuck so often behind the player
  • Plasma Grenade resets to proper size after use
  • Different radar arrow color to stand out a bit more
  • Hopefully fixed some crashes that have been occurring, but waiting on the Google Cardboard SDK update to be able to fix more.

10 thoughts on “End Space VR for Cardboard v1.01 Patch notes”

  1. Hey! Really loving the game so far, but I’ve encountered a bug on a few occasions. There are times when I’ve killed every last enemy in a wave, and it doesn’t progress to the next wave. I thoroughly scan every direction for a ship or signs of ships (lazers, etc.) and there are none. I’ve even blown up every steroid that I could for good measure, but still no progression to the next wave.

    Have you gotten comments from others about this problem?

  2. This is also happening to me. So far I cannot beat the third wave due to this problem. Otherwise what a great game. So far it is one of the top VR experiences I’ve had.

    • Hi Jay,
      Good to know this is on the third wave, I haven’t found it yet but have a idea on why it’s happening. Going to take a little bit to fix it, I just had a baby last week and it’s Christmas time. But the next update is going to be a good one! Great to hear you are enjoying the game and if you haven’t yet, please leave a 5 star review on the Play / App store. It really helps me out!

  3. Awesome game but I am soooo desperate for gamepad movement controls instead of having to turn my whole body around on ios.
    When will this feature be added making this the best VR game available on ios platform?


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