Using a Joystick with Oculus Quest

Did you know you can use a joystick with the Oculus Quest? All you need is a USB Type-C to USB Type-A Female Adapter. Both the Oculus Quest 1 and Oculus Quest 2 support this feature but joysticks are only supported in a few games such as End Space.

  1. Grab a USB Type-C to USB Type-A Female Adapter such as this one but anyone should work.
  2. Plug the USB Type-C adapter into your Oculus Quest and then plug your joystick into the USB Type-A adapter. Of course if you have a joystick with USB Type-C already you can just plug it in to the Quest by itself.
  3. Load up End Space and enjoy flying with your joystick.

Not every joystick is supported on Quest, however for End Space you can see if your joystick is supported here.

End Space has full control remapping available for your joystick in the Settings menu under Controls.

End Space Control Remapping Screen

Remember to keep your Touch controllers close, as Oculus Home does not support joysticks. You must use Touch or Hand tracking in Oculus Home then switch to your joystick.

End Space also supports Bluetooth gamepads such as the Xbox One controller as a input option.

What joystick do you use? Have you used one with Oculus Quest yet?

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3 thoughts on “Using a Joystick with Oculus Quest”

  1. I was interested in getting a new VR headset, but I can’t really justify the cost of Oculus Quest when there are other cheaper options. Then I saw videos about it and it got me excited to see what my potential experience with the headset could be like if i had a joystick for virtual reality games!

  2. Are you saying that EndSpace on the Quest 2 will support any controllers in the list provided at the Rewired link as long as they are in the “Android” supported column? Thanks


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