End Space PSVR Updated and 75% off for the Holidays

Greetings Pilots,

We are offering 75% off End Space across Sony PlayStationVR, Oculus Rift, Oculus Go and on Steam. As well updating End Space to v1.0.6 on PlayStationVR. This has been a much awaited update for our PSVR fans!

Here is are the links to find End Space at 75% off:

End Space 1.0.6 on PlayStation

We’re happy to announce that End Space 1.0.6 is coming to PSVR on Thursday November 26th! To celebrate the release of 1.0.6 on PSVR we have put the game on sale in the SIEA and SIEE regions starting November 30th so it’s a great time for new pilots to jump into the cockpit. 

Here are some of the updates for 1.0.6 on PSVR:

  • All of the changes from End Space 1.0.5 that were not available on PSVR to date. (There is a lot of them)
  • PlayStation 5 support
  • Fixed intermittent controller vibration issue
  • Fixed gamepads / joysticks not able to remap certain controls
  • Changed Yaw / Roll on virtual joysticks to work nicer together
  • Reduced damage from missiles in Communications Breakdown (Tip: shoot down the missiles)
  • Fixed intermittent crash when firing cannons for the first time
  • Fixed Achievements not working
  • Misc. bug fixes

Stay Tuned!

Stay tuned to the developer blog for more updates or come stop in the Discord channel and let us know what you want to see in End Space.

Next year there are going to be some big announcements!

We wish you all a Happy Holiday season and look forward to flying together next year,

Justin & Lee Wasilenko
Orange Bridge Studios

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