End Space – Releases today for Gear VR

April 21st 2016, End Space releases as the featured app on Oculus Home for the Gear VR. End Space builds on the success of End Space VR for Cardboard which has been constantly ranked as one of the best games for Google Cardboard but has been completely rebuilt to push the Gear VR to the limits. Showcasing some of the best visuals found on the Gear VR, End Space puts you in the seat of a heavily armed, X6 fighter to take on the enemy known as the Resistance.

The Oculus Home description:

It’s a time of uncertainty in our universe. The Union has started to regain control but the Resistance has become stronger, more daring, unwilling to give in. The Union is looking for a new ace pilot. Will you be that pilot? Can you defeat the Resistance?

I think you can.


Using a gamepad, pilot your ship through intense space battles wiping out the remaining pockets of the Resistance scattered across the galaxy. Your powerful Pulse Laser cannons and homing Meteor missiles are neural linked to your sight providing a deadly combination of technology and skill. Unlock progressively harder levels and upgrade your weapons by earning credits after each success.

This isn’t the End of Space, it’s just the beginning.

End Space for the Gear VR has been a huge under taking for me and I’m really proud of the result. This is just the beginning of End Space and I’m looking to really build on the game. Stayed tuned in the coming weeks for more announcements and big updates such as cross platform multiplayer deathmatch and support for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

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I hope you have as much fun playing it, as I did making it.

Justin Wasilenko

17 thoughts on “End Space – Releases today for Gear VR”

  1. Wow. I immediately jumped in and bought it on the strength of the cardboard game and the Gear VR pictures. For me, based on the first 3 missions, this is better than Anshar Wars 2 ( I must say that the speed of the ship could be a couple of notches higher though…) Eye candy is not quite up to Gunjack level, but still VERY nice and nicer than Anshar ( which is a bit too cartoony for me). All in all a very impressive game for what is mainly a one man show. Nice nod to Gunjack with the rather spectacular main menu/hangar screen. A body like in the Gunjack or Bandit Six game would be nice. Started to play in a swivel chair, but not needed at all (unlike Anshar) – unless you want to turn in your cockpit. Five stars from me!!

    • The Cardboard version will be getting updates as well now that I got the Gear VR version. But it won’t be the same game. Unfortunately Cardboard just isn’t good enough to support what I’m doing with the Gear VR game.

  2. Justin, did y ever implement the option to choose to either have the guns track your sigt or in the contrary leave them fixed and your head just looks around as in real life.?

  3. Impressive game. I hated gun jack and I believe this is the game gun jack should have been. I’m hoping you will consider adding multiplayer at some point. I mainly like playing competively against other real players.

    The immersion is great and I’m looking forward to new modes for this game and other titles from you. You’ve got a great future in games. Thank you for this game, it was money well spent. :)

    • I have a bunch of updates and things I’m working on, multiplayer included. It won’t be in the next update, but the next major update after that it will be the main focus. Work has begun, but it’s a lot of work to make.

  4. love this game and happen to think it’s better than gunjack imao.I like the eye tracking for the gunsights and think the visuals are brilliant.Thanks for making this and I hope the game continues to evolve .

  5. Justin W,
    Fantastic! I will look forward to it. Until then I’ll get my practice in on the single player. Multiplayer will push this game forward in popularity I guarantee that much. It will be the only game I can think of that is console quality. Well even better because it’s vr multiplayer combat.

    It’s truly a beautiful game… a work of art. It’s not impressive “for a game made by essentially one person”, but impressive period. Great job. I’ll keep checking back. It’s my favorite gear vr game by far. Keep it up and thanks for the reply.

    • I have a huge new update coming up, hope to have it finished for middle of July. I’ll be posting soon about all the exciting new changes and things happening involving End Space. It’s an exciting time :)

  6. So if I’m reading this correctly, it’s totally free flight like Anshar, not riding the rails? Also with Anshar 2 I can’t even complete some missions because my S6 always overheats…how is this in comparison?

    • Its totally free flight, not on rails. Overheating has never been a problem for me, maybe if you played for a hour at a time, but each level can be completed before your phone overheats. VR rendering is very demanding on phones energy use :)

  7. Hey Justin, I found End Space the other day and I just want to say it blew me away. Graphics are amazing, gameplay is so much fun, and I’m definitely looking forward to multiplayer. I’m sure single-player missions were demanding enough, so I applaud you for going through with multiplayer!

    Quick question about that….will there be (or eventually be) the ability to choose different types of ships to fly? Maybe the Resistance fighters, or other Union ships? It’d be cool to have a selection with various abilities.

    Also, as a science-fiction author, End Space has totally let me live some of the situations I’ve written about. Thank you for that, too, because it’s an awesome experience.

    • Thanks! Glad you like it. I would like to do multiple ship types but I’m not sure how that’s going to work just yet. I’m working on a big update to fix most of the issues people mentioned and adding some single player content right now so the game plays better. Once I have those things sorted out I can focus on multiplayer.

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