End Space 1.0.6 Release

Attention pilots:

Today we are releasing End Space 1.0.6! To celebrate we are offering End Space at 50% for the next week across Steam and Oculus. And good news for PlayStation VR owners, we have been working hard on bringing End Space up to date and hope to have End Space updated on PSVR in the next week or so depending on Sony’s processing times.

Please be sure to submit any issues you find on our discord channel or on our support page.

I hope this makes End Space a cleaner, more fun experience for everyone.

Thanks for your continued support and look forward to sharing what we have in store next,

Justin Wasilenko

1.0.6 Release Notes

  • Fixed Launching in SteamVR would start the Flatscreen version
  • Fixed controller vibration
  • Added option to swap thumbstick controls on Touch controllers
  • Fixed gamepads / joysticks not able to remap certain controls
  • Added support for more controllers
  • Changed Yaw / Roll on virtual joysticks to work nicer together
  • Reduced damage from missiles in Communications Breakdown (Tip: shoot down the missiles)
  • Fixed crash when firing cannons for the first time
  • Fixed Achievements not working
  • Misc. bug fixes

6 thoughts on “End Space 1.0.6 Release”

  1. Thank you EndSpace team! I have enjoyed this its Quest release. I just was wondering when we will get the next system map..? I see it saying tbc now! Looking forward to that update! Upgrades or the option to increase the booster speeds to 800-1200 and more mini games. Thank you upstairs on the right and in the back!

  2. Really enjoy this game, but the trophies still don’t work on PS4.

    The trophies I got before they stopped working (when Sony updated the firmware) have gone and none have returned or popped despite reinstalling the whole game, resetting the game using the in game reset option and then fulfilling the trophy criteria again.

    Still the best feeling VR space flight game out there though.


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