BarCampTEN – Virtual Reality and Google Cardboard

On November 20th I attended my first BarCamp event and presented a talk on virtual reality and the Google Cardboard. My friend Simon Schnetzer talked me in to, said it would be an interesting conference where I could talk about End Space VR. I brought a handful of Google Cardboards and my old Samsung S3 that’s I have been using to develop on and got ready to talk about my project from the last 10 months.

The BarCamp format is a little different then a normal conference. In the beginning the people interested in a presenting do a short pitch on their presentation, and afterwards the audience throw their hands in the air to vote on if they are interested in the talk. Afterwards you get placed in a room and time slot relevant to the interest in your presentation. What’s interesting about this, is everyone at the BarCamp has something different to say. It’s not a format for only one subject i.e. web design or video games, so you are introduced to topics you might not have heard before.

Of course I came to talk about VR and End Space VR and my pitch started with “My presentation is why I have this Cardboard box on my face”. Was I surprised when almost everyone put their hand up after my pitch and I got placed in the biggest room and the last time slot allowing me to speak to everyone who attended BarCampTEN.

There I am, the big room, the last talk. Pressure is on…

I didn’t really think my pitch was going to be such a success and had planned on maybe talking to a handful of people about my game and VR. Luckily being at the end bought me some time to see the other presentations and think about what I wanted to say to almost 100 people. Too be honest I didn’t prepare before that much. In the end I talked about the technology behind Google Cardboard, how it’s easily accessible and how right now its being used a different way to do marketing. Using examples from the New York Times and Kelloggs and how marketing is changing with VR. And of course I did a little self promotion of End Space VR and handed my Cardboard around so people could try the game.

In the end I had a great time talking to people about virtual reality and showing off the Google Cardboard at BarCampTEN, and my first BarCamp experience was a success. It was great experience to deliver a talk on virtual reality to people who had never seen or heard about it and BarCamps offer a great platform for that.

Thanks to Philip Herzhoff for grabbing the pictures.

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